Why the glamour world?

That’s kind of appropriate for a first blog, and I have often asked myself this question. What is it about the glamour world of modelling, acting, any media that beckons me or so many others into this highly volatile, insecure and financially unpredictable turf.

The fame is undeniably a strong attraction and so is the big money if, and that’s a really big if, it works out. On deeper and honest introspection money or fame can’t keep you going for too long, Moreover, there are a whole lot of people who make ample money and enjoy a reasonable degree of fame in their profession but more often than not I have witnessed them going about their daily business in a mechanical routine rather than making it an ecstatic and fulfilling journey of life. So the one thing that sets apart any activity, professional or otherwise if one is engaged without it being his or her labour of love and if it’s just a means to an end.

The challenges, the struggle and upheavals are all taken in stride with a smile and the roadblocks don’t deter me because the high of being involved in a rehearsal; for the final act in a play, for that impeccable shot in a scene or for that ” just the right look” in a photo shoot. The adrenaline rush that comes with the anticipation of working on a new role and being noticed for it is what gravitates me to this world of glamour.

Fame and glamour and the rest are happy by products.

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